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Jacksonville, FL

Products developed and made by the people that use them daily. Supporting the very Law Enforcement community we are a part of. Function over fashion is a motto that we live daily, just ask our significant others.

About Us

John + Alex + Nick =J.A.N.

We are a family owned grassroots company focusing a function, quality, and durability. Combined there is over 35 years of law enforcement experience between John and Alex. These core focuses are applied in the areas of Duracoat and Cerakoat application, Kydex products, and firearms modifications. Until launching this website in September of 2014 we have been a strictly word of mouth company. There has been no need to advertise, our products speak for themselves. We mainly deal with the law enforcement community, two of our three founders are currently law enforcement officers. This community has kept us busy over the last several years.

The development of the Hi-Vis Badge Holder has become one of our main focuses. The reason for this being... IT WORKS! While off-duty I have on-viewed multiple crashes with injuries while in my marked patrol car. After pulling into a safe location to block traffic and turning on my emergency lights I have approached the vehicles involved with the Hi-Vis Badge Holder displayed. Everyone that I have made contact with has immediately zeroed in on the Hi-Vis Badge Holder as I am speaking to them. I watched their eyes pause for a second staring at my chest, then looking up to make eye contact to me after realizing I was a police officer. Several of these individuals had just been stunned from the impact of their airbags. The first couple of times took place while this product was still being hand made in my garage. Between these experiences and fellow Officer feedback I decided to pursue this idea.