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Jacksonville, FL

Products developed and made by the people that use them daily. Supporting the very Law Enforcement community we are a part of. Function over fashion is a motto that we live daily, just ask our significant others.

What Sets Us Apart

What sets our holsters apart from the 1,345,830,827 other Kydex holster companies? 

First off, we are law enforcement officers. No that does not give us infinite wisdom on holsters, tactics, or techniques. But what it does provide is the reassurance to our customers that we believe in our products. That is proven by the fact that my father and I use our Hi-Vis Badge Holder and Holsters daily on the job. Not only that but the very people we rely on as back-up also use our products daily. I do not carry the weight lightly of making products for warriors. It would be easy for me to write on here that I use our products because that is the norm. Most folks do use and believe in whatever they might be selling. But to me, making products for my brothers and sisters in law enforcement and anyone else that puts their tail on the line for others is the real testament.

Every holster we send out is test fitted with a working firearm that the holster is made for. Although mold guns have become the standard for molding kydex, they do not have the same feel when testing the draw of the firearm. The texture of the finish on a mold gun is much different from a metal and/or polymer firearm has, therefor the drag is different when is is being drawn from the holster. 

Adding to the feel of the draw, but the grip you take on your firearm when you draw the gun is also very important to us. With our holsters there is no need to readjust your grip after you draw your firearm. With the exception of your long finger (your trigger finger that runs along the frame of your gun until you have identified a threat) we believe that when you grip the gun while it is in the holster should be the way you grip your firearm when shooting. We accomplish this by making cuts to our holsters to reduce material where it is not needed. You will see this especially addressed in the trigger guard area and the backstrap of the grip.

All edges of our holsters are wet sanded by hand all the way up to 600 grit. This gives our edges an insanely smooth and professional looking edge. Our edges are smooth, but not glossy, we do not see the point of glossy edges on a gun holster. 



The majority of our products are also equipped with adjustable retention. The adjustments can be made with a #2 Phillips Head screwdriver. There is no need to heat of the Kydex with a heatgun to adjust the retention.